Fiat Is Synthetic Cash And Bitcoin Is Pure Cash

I attended the Bitcoin Freedom Competition in Uvita, Costa Rica from January 18th by way of twentieth. It was a novel occasion that was unlike any bitcoin gathering I’ve ever attended. There have been over 30 audio system throughout the competition so I gained’t attempt to cowl every however there was one session that stood out and it concerned a panel of indigenous girls all who spoke by way of a translator. This panel mentioned two issues on the ultimate morning which captured the essence of the competition. First, she made it clear they had been guided by the Nice Spirit to be there on that stage. [“I came because the Great Spirit opened the path” which included a car to the venue.] The wind speaks to us, the water speaks to us, the timber converse to us. Grandfather says, “all the time converse to that which supplies us vitality.” A few of these concepts might sound unusual to the western thoughts, totally hooked on their screens and disconnected life.


After which one of many members of the panel described bitcoin in a approach that I’d by no means heard earlier than. She referred to as it the pure coin or “pure cash.” It was a type of moments when the blinding flash of the apparent hits you want a thunderbolt. “Bitcoin is pure cash.” Maintain it, did she say bitcoin is pure cash? Holy crap “bitcoin IS pure cash!!” The utterly ignorant say bitcoin is backed by nothing however that’s so laughably unsuitable there isn’t any level even partaking with somebody who holds that uninformed view. Some bitcoiners wish to say bitcoin is “cash backed by vitality” which many bitcoiners {most notably Eric Yakes creator of The seventh Property} vigorously refute. Eric says bitcoin is “secured” by vitality which I agree is a greater framing.

Nonetheless, this sensible girls within the jungle simply gave bitcoin one of the best framing but it’s: “n a t u r a l m o n e y.” You begin with working water or methane fuel, or hydrocarbons or wind or photo voltaic. ALL THESE ELEMENTS COME FROM NATURE AND ARE THEN CONVERTED TO ELECTRICITY THAT ALLOWS BITCOIN MINERS [ASIC’S] TO BEGIN HASHING WHICH EVENTUALLY RESULTS IN BITCOIN. With out these pure assets there isn’t any bitcoin. Assertion of reality. Begin with one thing pure and finish with bitcoin. The concept each nation on the earth has pure assets that had been beforehand unable to be transformed to pure cash is just not misplaced on individuals in Africa or Costa Rica. [Note: Anyone reading this who loves this idea of natural money AND wants to author a children’s book on the topic please reach out to me.]

Fiat Is The Antithesis Of Pure Cash

Evaluate what is required to provide “pure cash” to each fiat foreign money on the earth or any of the highest alt cash. Trillions of US {dollars} might be created out of skinny air in seconds so long as you’re the central banker or somebody holding an insider place [ONE OF THE PRIVILEGED FEW] who will get to provide cash from nothing and definitely NOT FROM NATURE. Fiat is the antithesis of pure cash!! “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Senator Warren!” Fiat is synthetic. Bitcoin is pure.

Pure Cash NOT Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the time period for the zealots, the ideologues and the motion. There’s nothing unsuitable with the time period bitcoin however take into account the adversarial vitality that has been constructed in opposition to it? Our adversaries have constructed some bitter narratives in opposition to it. Are they bullshit? You guess!!! Does many of the world know that? NO!!!

Downside: Bitcoin is used as a derisive time period by bitcoin’s greatest enemies, haters and detractors. I’ve personally watched younger and outdated visibly blanche at my point out of the phrase bitcoin.

Answer: Pure cash is a lot extra approachable for the uninitiated. Think about if we requested Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett or Peter Schiff this query: “What are your ideas about pure cash?” Their responses will make them sound clownish and ignorant.

Pure cash quietly, peacefully and softly creates curiosity across the concept there may be such a factor on the earth as pure cash. There are all types of implied qualities about that time period which neutralizes the assault floor on bitcoin. It additionally reduces the assault floor by bitcoin’s opponents as a result of it’s a lot more durable to assault “pure cash.” Pure cash is of the individuals, for the individuals and by the individuals. You might be in opposition to “pure cash” after all however it nearly appears unnatural to take action. It eviscerates some typical assaults and darts thrown at bitcoin.

It’s the primary pure cash native to the web. It doesn’t require a lot rationalization past saying it’s the one type of cash fueled or sourced by pure assets. Who’d need to oppose “pure cash”? [As an experiment, go back and read your favorite or next article about bitcoin but substitute the term “natural money” each time the word bitcoin appears. How does it land on you?]


As we gathered around the bonfire on the seaside that last evening on Playa Hermosa because the competition got here to a detailed I shared this indigenous lady’s perception with different competition goers and it resonated. In order a last thought, I invite you to think about executing a “gentle fork” in your use of language from this level ahead and share her knowledge far and broad. For my part, she captured the gestalt of bitcoin by calling it “pure cash.”

To any extent further, if you get the possibility I’d recommend you employ the phrase pure cash 2x extra usually when describing bitcoin. Why? There’s a big section of the inhabitants that’s extra prone to be interested by pure cash. Psychologically and subconsciously the world has been HUNGERING for pure cash since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. Bitcoin can sound an excessive amount of like a cult or spiritual zealots to those that fail to understand it’s breakthrough influence on humanity. There have been dozens of unfavourable narratives thrown at bitcoin since inception. For me it appears rather more correct and satisfying to seek advice from bitcoin as pure cash. One of many competition attendees even created a Twitter deal with #naturalmoney. As a gesture of respect for this sensible woman tell us you agree together with her. 

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